Translators' Credits编辑

This Shanghainese version of the Wuu language was kindly translated by a native Shanghainese speaker named 祁嘉耀 on the 9th of August 2009.

Regional Varieties of Wuu编辑

Greetings Everyone (most especially to the Admin Hercule),

Just to let you know, I have created the various regional dialects of Wuu to portray the diversity of the Wuu language spoken in various regions of China.

Such varieties already exist on other Wikipedia editions, for example the Napulitano Wikipedia allows for articles to be written in each regional variety of Napulitano. In fact, the Main Page of Napulitano Wikipedia links to the regional varieties of Napulitano such as the Abruzzo dialect, the Calavrian dialect, the Lazio dialect, the Mulise dialect, and the Puglia dialect. --Jose77讨论) 2013年7月21日 (礼拜天) 12:12 (UTC)

With regards to the article being written in both Chinese characters and Romanized alphabet, this is already in existence on other Wikipedia editions such as Minnan Wikipedia, Mindong Wikipedia, Gan Wikipedia, Hakka Wikipedia, and Cantonese Wikipedia.

Please understand and show tolerance. --Jose77讨论) 2013年7月21日 (礼拜天) 12:33 (UTC)

Please understand that the choice of this Wikipedia is to use only one variant of wu. Please understand an respect. --Hercule Talk 2013年7月25日 (礼拜四) 12:23 (UTC)