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English: Hi, my name is mww113 and I am currently a temporary administrator here. I still see that there are many copyright violations in the image space and nonsense/spam pages in the main space. There are also several bots that routinely edit this wiki, that still have yet to be flagged as such. So for these purposes I would like to request administrator and bureaucrat. Mww113 2008年7月17日 (礼拜四) 13:43 (UTC)

Wuu: 嗨,我的名字是 mww113 和我目前在这里是一位暂时的主管。我还明白那在主要的空间里在图像空间和胡说/垃圾邮件页里有很多版权违反。也有定期地编辑这 wiki,还还喝的若干马胃蝇蛆因此被标记。这样对这些目的我想要请求主管和官僚主义者。Mww113 2008年7月17日 (礼拜四) 13:43 (UTC)

It's been a few days so if there are no objections I will request the status on meta. Mww113 2008年7月19日 (礼拜六) 11:34 (UTC)
You're too fast. I do an opposition because I think we must wait a little bit. It's not a complete opposition --Hercule 2008年7月19日 (礼拜六) 16:12 (UTC)



Could you please list some pages and images that need, for you, to be deleted, and explain the reason why. I'm not sure the your previous delete were very pertinents.


--Hercule 2008年7月17日 (礼拜四) 14:13 (UTC)

For instance all the degrees Celsius pages should be deleted because Wikipedia is not a database. Also the orphan copyright images, or fair use images in the user space should be deleted. Mww113 2008年7月17日 (礼拜四) 14:47 (UTC)
The degree pages are already deleted. For the copyrighted images you can now use the template Template:Delete because most of them are already deleted.
I think you should begin contributing as normal user, and when you start to know the users to make a request for sysop status.
You must begin to understand how people work here before to make the police. Your message to User:Carka Bruni was not good. This user, as many here doesn't seem to be aware about copyright issues. You must first explain the problem, and try to solve it with him. The block menace must wait if he doesn't listen to you. It's a small wiki here, and you can take time to explain  
Do you speak wu? If not, I'd like to know how you determined this page was "pure vandalism"?
--Hercule 2008年7月17日 (礼拜四) 15:06 (UTC)
It is about a $100 dollar hamburger its complete nonsense or maybe intended as a joke. Mww113 2008年7月18日 (礼拜五) 12:55 (UTC)
If you follow the link you can see there is a press article about it ! So without understanding the content how can you say if the article is not about what is said in the article ? --Hercule 2008年7月18日 (礼拜五) 13:37 (UTC)
OH! Didn't see that. But either way, that's completely not notable. Mww113 2008年7月18日 (礼拜五) 16:18 (UTC)
What I propose you is to begin the work by using Template:Delete. I think we need more sysop, but I'm not sure if you're the right person. So I prefer to wait and see.
For bureaucrat, I think you must begin by knowing this communauty before to think about it.
--Hercule 2008年7月19日 (礼拜六) 15:51 (UTC)



  1. Oppose: See discussion --Hercule 2008年7月19日 (礼拜六) 15:53 (UTC)
    • 反对: 经验弗足。sklunsgrad 2008年7月25日 (礼拜五) 14:41 (UTC)